Monday, 14 April 2014

Starting Over?! - Hair Chat

Having changed weather an climatic conditions, my hair has not been behaving the way it used to. It is definitely more prone to frizzing. I tried a few hairstyles that, by the end of the day, end up in a big ball of frizz. I may need to look into anti-humidity and anti-frizz products.

Also, I finished up most of my products and as you would've seen in my haul post, I got a few new ones to test out and see how they work in my regimen.

Additionally, now that I am back home, I no longer want to do weekly protective styles. I am thinking about a flat-iron, roller-set, braid-out, bun weekly rotation for each month. But once I figure it out, I'll present it to you properly. I will also throw the odd sew-in in there to break up the monotony and to retain some length. (I have been eyeing that blonde bob since Ashanti debuted it on the carpet lol). At this point though, I don't feel like focusing on retaining length, I am more into having fun with it. Maybe it's just a phase, maybe not. But right now, I'm just doing what I feel (don't try this at home lol).

So as you can see, a new regimen is in order! I guess it's not starting over necessarily, but it's certainly a fresh start. I have a lot of figuring out to do, but I don't mind as this keeps the journey interesting. Hopefully the trial and error coming up won't translate into a setback. *fingers crossed*

Made/ making any changes to your regimen lately?


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  2. I just recently stopped with sulfate free shampoos. My hair has been rebelling against them. I'm starting a cowashing regimen with the occasional sulfate shampoo to clarify.

  3. All the best.

  4. With that length I think you've totally earned the right to enjoy your hair!

  5. Enjoy your hair! Get your heat protectant on check and you are good to go!
    Looking forward to see your modified regimen!


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