Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lazy Days - HOTW

So this HOTW post is not really a HOTW style at all...well kinda. You see, I washed my hair on Friday and I removed my single braids on Saturday night for an event and wore a braid-out. Before bedtime at around 5am Sunday morning, I barely managed to LOC and put my hair up in two braids at either side of my head. I couldn't be bothered to style my hair on Sunday evening so I have been rocking this style since then. And you know what, it's serving it's purpose so I aint tripping lol.

Lazy Days - HOTW

For work, I simply pin both ends of the braids up and adorn my head with a headband/scarf for some pizzazz. Oh yeah, I used straws  and hairpins on the ends to make them curly (tryna fake the natural hair look haha).

Wish me luck that it lasts through this work week.

How do you protective style on your lazy days?


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    1. Thanks Yvonne. I never thought wearing my hair out this many weeks post would be so easy, but it is!


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