Monday, 27 January 2014

I Could Get Used to This! - Wash Day 1.26.14

Yesterday was wash day, at which time I was 2 days short of 6 weeks post relaxer, and yet it was as smooth as butter.

I started off by pre-pooing with Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose  (+ the remainder of a conditioner mix from last wash day). I detangled with my fingers and a wide tooth comb and then put my hair into 4 braids for the wash process. (Can I tell you?! The Aubrey may not have a lot of slip, but it is great for detangling because it is so moisturizing and gives my hair elasticity. It works really well.) I then sat under a plastic cap and bonnet dryer for 15 mins and left it in for quite a while thereafter. 

"co-poo" mix

When it was time to wash, I cleansed my hair with my home-made "co-poo" (lol). This was inspired by this post by KLP of SOS, who dislikes shampoo and turns them into conditioning cleansers. My co-poo is made up of shampoo (one I don't care much for), conditioner, EVOO and water. I eyeball to get a consistency I like.

mint and rosemary sprigs for "tea" rinsing

Next I rinsed the co-poo and did a herbal rinse, consisting of rosemary and mint, which was infused and left overnight.

I skipped DCing My DC was done at the beginning of the wash day (pre-poo) and so after the herbal rinse, I applied VO5 Shea Cashmere moisturizing conditioner to my strands and let it sit for a few minutes.

Note: the above processes were done with the braids still in tact, I do not remove the braids save for the upcoming step.

Finally, I remove one braid, comb through, rinse with cool water and re-braid. I repeat for the other 3 sections. (Last week I experimented with leaving the braids in for the entire time, including the final rinse and when I detangled after t-shirt drying, found there were a tad bit more tangles than with this week's method, so this method wins.) 

I t-shirt dried, moisturized and sealed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and EVOO.

shed (+ broken) hair

I lost only a small amount of hair to detangling and my hair was really soft and moisturized today. I hope wash days continue this way!

How was your recent wash?


  1. nice post. pls help me,my hairgroth is extremely slow,i was told by my friends to give up that it is genetics.pls what do i do?

    1. Thanks dear.
      Fisrt thing - never give up!
      I'm almost sure that your hair growth is pretty much average, given you are relatively healthy.
      I think what you percieve as slow growth is actually a low retention rate. That is, your hair is breaking off faster than it's growing, thus appearing as if the growth is non-existent or extremely slow. I have talked about breakage in this post, along with some possible remedies. Let me know if it helps. Good luck!

    2. Tanks Abbi,am really grateful.

    3. My pleasure! I hope you will see improvements soon.

  2. Woop! For easy breezy wash days! And thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad that the co-cleanser idea works for your hair chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Yessir! That co-cleanser idea was bomb!

  3. Congrats abby. I live for no fuss/no hassel wash days.
    I tried the co-poo on my daughters hair and it was supercalifragilisticespialadocious!!!

    1. Thanks Bella! Me too! When wash days are hassel-free, all is well with the world. That co-poo + 4 braids throughout the wash=magic!
      haha good stuff! I bet your daughter was happy!

  4. I had a similar easy wash day with little hair lost. Love those days! Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose is one of my favorites for those very reasons... it works awesomely!

    1. Cheers to great wash days! Isn't it just a great conditioner?!


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