Monday, 16 December 2013

Fly Away with me - Constructing my Hair goodies Travel Bag

So it's the holiday season and many of us are flying back home to be with family, taking a break from everyday life with a trip to some faraway land or opting for some QT with your other half somewhere relaxing. Whatever the case is, before we can enjoy the merriment of the vacation, we have to get pass the tedious packing stage. I am no good at packing. There I said it. I have been known to take a large case on 5-day trips and even weekends (hides face). I'm getting better though, last trip wasn't so bad, I managed to take only a carry-on for a 6-day trip. This's eight days long! Can I do it?

The first thing I do is a construct a list of all the things I will want need on the trip. I would post the entire list, but I think that may overwhelmed you lol. So this post is dedicated to the hair goodies.

What I think I need:

  • comb
  • brush
  • shampoo - ORS Creamy Aloe (sample bottle) + Ichikami moisturizing and smoothing shampoos (sample sachet)
  • conditioner - Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose + Ichikami moisturizing and smoothing conditioners (sample sachet)
  • moisturizer - ORS HaiRepair Intense Moisture Creme
  • oil - EVOO + grapeseed mix, Kerastase Cristalliste
  • hair pins, scrunchies & other accessories
  • foam rollers
  • silk scarf

I transfer products from large containers to smaller ones. I also use my samples / sample-size products for this purpose. I am sure I'll add a few more things but these are the basics.

What do you put in your hair travel kit? 



  1. Hi there,
    Last trip I went to the Bahamas and to Florida. I was so into what to pack because I would be gone for two weeks. But this time around I'm in New York and I plan to pick up more supplies. I will be driving instead of flying back home. For the NY flight I brought a comb, conditioner, oil, leave-in, plastic cap and four flexi-rods.

    1. Oh and a scarf of course. Ouchless scrunchies and bobby pins as well.

    2. Wow u trekked light for that NY trip...if only I could lol. Yes a scarf, scrunchies & pins are absolute necessities!

  2. great post hun

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  3. I'm an overpacker too and am currently trying to figure out what hair goodies to bring with me for my Christmas vacay!

    1. Let me know what u decide to take!

  4. I find myself packing all my hair products for a 2 day trip :) (hides face too). Transfering the products to smaller containers s a great idea. This is a great post.

    1. haha a girl of my own heart! yes it leaves you with more room. Thanks!

  5. I'm constantly traveling so I'm all about packing light with 5 hair related items or less plus my satin scarf of course. Trekking Light| A Guide to Traveling With 5 Products Or Less

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Girrrllll I don't know how u get by on those 5 things only!! lol You're good!


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