Friday, 20 December 2013

Fly Away With Me - At Home Acrylic

 I decided I wanted some french acrylics, I ordered the requirements in my last hair haul (I also had some stuff from last time around) and got to work. I do them myself because here in Japan the girls pretty much only sport gel nails (I'm not the biggest fan) and the salons rarely do acrylics, if they do, it's tens of thousands of Yen.

DIY french acrylics

Tools needed:

acrylic liquid & powder, acrylic brush, primer, emery board, buffer, nail tips, top coat

  • find matches for all 10 nails, buff your natural nails a little to allow the tip to properly adhere
  • apply glue to the falsies and press them onto the very tip of your own nails.
  • cut them to the desired length
  • use an emery board to even the tip with your nail bed
  • apply primer to nails
  • apply clear acrylic to the white tip, and pink to your nail bed, let dry
  • again use the emery board to make the entire surface smooth
  • use a 3-sided buffer for extra smoothness and shine
  • apply desired number of top coats and you're done.

Sounds simple enough but if you are a novice it can be quite the time-consumer. I suggest you watch a few Youtube videos before you give it a go. Here's an awesome one I stumbled upon not long ago.

She uses an awesome technique (the nail form). But I didn't have any nail forms so I just did it the old fashion way. Whatever you do, DON'T use a regular nail tip as a nail form lol.

Have you ever done your acrylics at home?


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