Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Say No No No, I Say Yes Yes Yes

Now I usually play by the rules when it comes to my hair journey. But it's my hair journey, hence my hair. Therefore, a one-size approach just won't cut it. At some point we've all got to figure out what works for each of us. With that said, here are a few things that many consider a "don't" that I consider a "do".

Regular conditioner (or even a deep conditioner) to moisturize or as a leave-in

As you know by now I have been staying away from protein to recover from what seems like protein overload. When I was going through my stash to find a suitable moisturizer, there was not one without protein. So I resorted to using my Tresseme Moisture rich (has a very small amount of biotin (wayy down on the list)) as my leave-in on wash days and my hair absolutely loves it. It is always left soft and manageable. To go a step further, when my hair is braided up for my wigs, I sometimes moisturize with Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose moisturizing deep conditioner. They both do my hair good. Love them.

Deep conditioning overnight

Some believe that an overnight deep conditioning session is not only unnecessary as deep conditioners usually work within the first 30 minutes and is more effective when accompanied by heat, but they also feel it will cause a moisture overload. While I do deep condition with heat for 30 minutes when time allows, you and I both know that it ain't always gon' be like dat! Sometimes you've got to don that plastic cap and twisty-turby and head to bed. And you know what? My hair always comes out so soft and moisturized after one of those over night affairs.

Detangling my relaxed hair while wet

I never spend hours detangling my hair on wash days anymore. Before now, I used to detangle twice during the wash process - pre-wash and post-wash, both processes totalled about 1.5 - 2 hours, because it was said that relaxed hair should only be detangled when dry. LIES! lol But seriously I still "detangle" twice. But now the sum of both processes is about 10-15 mins! I first detangle after I have pre-pooed, before I head to the shower which takes at most 10 minutes. Then I do a final comb through with the rinsing of my deep conditioner under the stream of the shower. I just ensure that I have enough slip for the process by cooling and sealing.

Detangling from the root down

I know I know, but those tangles ain't having it, or is it my mind? I need to run the comb from root to tip to feel like my hair is properly detangled. Sometimes I'll start from the ends, but the real deal is when I start from the root. Now listen carefully, I never start by taking the comb and running it straight through from root to ends. No! I do small strokes from the root, and when I get all the tangles out, I'll do a once through.

Long-term Protective styling (for much of my hair journey)

Many people argue that when you long-term protective style too often during your journey, you don't get to "know" your hair. *rolls eyes* lol. I love my wigs for protective styling, especially in this ungodly weather. I have gotten great results by including it in my regimen, and guess what, I still know my hair as well as another lady who has never had a sew-in. At some point, I will forget the wigs, perhaps soon even, but I know their worth and don't think they are a hazard, but actually a help to growing black hair to great lengths, and even below the waist.

*I was about to close the post and then I remembered something. Something BIG. - Trimming*

Everyone seems to think we should trim with every relaxer, every wash, or every time you look in the mirror (a bit dramatic, I know). But I ain't about that life. It's once per year for me. I really don't think I need more than that. I search and destroy to rid my hair of split ends so I'm fine. I wrote a post on this before so I won't delve too deep. But let's just say trimming every few weeks in my opinion is a waste of length.

Is there anything you do in your hair journey that works for you but people may consider it a bad habit? Please share.



  1. Yes I use silicon mix deep conditioner. I know were suppose to stay away from silicons but I love it .

    1. Actually Kimmy, I think silicones (not silicon) are the culprit. But I see that the silicon mix dc does contain cones as well as mineral oil, so it's definitely a gamble. But many people use it with great results. Do you boo! lol

  2. You are right about finding time to deep condition. I usually deep condition while I am doing my house chores which could take a couple of hours. I have not tried overnight deep conditioning yet but I think I will try it. thanks for the tip!

    1. Yes! Majority of the time I can't find the 1/2 hour to sit under the dryer, I usually hit the gym, do house work or just go to bed. You're welcome.

  3. I DC overnight and it works for me. I have low porosity hair, and don't own a dryer, so DCing overnight is what works best. Oh, and I love my sulfate shampoo, it cleans my scalp thoroughly (sulfate free poos don't work if you live in the dusty parts of the world).

    1. Girl I feel you on that! One of my favourite shampoos (ORS creamy Aloe) has sulphates. If it works for you, then that's what you should do.

  4. I'm quick to deep condition overnight during the warmer months when I don't mind walking around in the morning with wet hair.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. That's true. I usually deep condition overnight on Fridays though, so I rinse early Saturday morn and get to drying.


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