Friday, 29 November 2013

Wham Bamn Thank You Ma'am - Quick and Easy Wash Days

We all hate those ultra long wash days that healthy hair journeys seem to bring. Some of us even go longer than we'd like without washing because the process is just too tedious and time-consuming. If this applies to you, stayed tuned. I've got your fix coming right up. Below are some things you can try to shave some time off your eternal wash days.

Pre-poo overnight - Doing this instead of under a hooded dryer will save you about 30 minutes. The heat that your hair needs to open up cuticles is only a few degrees above body temperature. Pre-pooing while you sleep with a winter cap on top of your plastic cap and twisty-turby will get you the same great results.

Multi task - deep conditon while doing chores, working out, or even while showering (saves about an hour). Another option is to deep condition before you shampoo (pretty much a pre-poo, but upping the quality of it) which saves you the time of hopping in and out the shower.

Detangle in the shower - I've said this before and I'll say it again! Relaxed hair can be detangled while wet all you need is some slip and a shower stream to melt your tangles away and it will save you a helluva lot of time. Depending on how long detangling usually takes, you may be able to save at least 25 mins.

Style your hair in the shower if it's feasible. Prepping for a braidout has never been easier. Take your leave-in to the shower, and after rinsing and detangling, apply your leave-ins and make two (or four) fat braids at either side of your head. It takes a mere 5 minutes and the results will be fabulous (another 30 mins saved)!

Be organized! Know what you want to accomplish on the particular wash day. Gather all your products and tools to avoid running around searching for that shampoo that left your hair super soft last month or that bomb protein treatment that gave your hair the life it needed (about 5/10 mins saved).

Executing all the tips above will save you a MASSIVE 2.5 hours. Go ahead give it a try and let your wash days be as easy, breezy beautiful as your hair.

How do you save time on wash days?



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