Thursday, 14 November 2013

Looking Back while Looking Forward - Winter Vacay Hair '12

I really hate winter! The only thing I love about it is the two and a half weeks break I get from work, my birthday and the holiday vibe. Around this time of the year I start preparing for my winter time hair. I like to have not just great looking hair, but also hair that is easy to manage. As such, I generally schedule a relaxer for the winter break.

Last December my boyfriend and I were vacaying in Singapore (loved it there). I wanted beautiful hair for the trip, so I scheduled my relaxer for a few days prior. It was my second relaxer of my hair journey after an 8 month stretch. At that point I was 9 months into my hair journey. I was ambitious doing an 8 month stretch so early on, but luckily it was incident and accident-free. 

Here's a flashback look at my hair last winter:

Relaxer day - 8 months of new growth + freshly relaxed hair

Flat-ironed hair, pinned up while travelling

Styles I did while in Singapore  (*textured top bun - new years eve - back in Japan)

I was 9 months into the journey and although I was pleased with the results so far, I still had a lot to learn. I am looking forward to my next relaxer in December. I will only be a little more than 5 months this time around, but I hope I will have made as much progress as I did last year.

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  1. Good luck I'm sure you have retained a good amount of length. I can't wait to get o shoulder length. My bday is during the winter brake as well

    1. Thanks girl! I hope so. You'll get there soon, just do right by your hair and it'll grow. When's your bday?

  2. Wow girl you are crazy 8 month stretch 9 months in your hair journey! You hair looked great though! It seems you understood your hair even before getting on your journey which is something that I wish I did. The longest I have stretched on my journey is 13.5 weeks! Going for 4 months this time around, thanks to long term protective styling!

    Love love the high bun!

    Good luck with your winter touch up this time round and at 5 months post you will achieve amazing results.

    1. haha When I started the journey I wanted to do something drastic to feel as if I was really changing my hair habits. I was already stretching to about 12 weeks right before my official journey so going 14 or 16 weeks wouldn't feel like much of a 'stretch' lol. I protective styled for about 2.5 of those 8 months.

      Good luck with your attempt to stretch to 4 months (you can do it!)

      Thank you. That bun is my go-to when my hair is loose but I don't want to wear it down.

      Thanks again.

  3. 8 month stretch, wow!
    the most i've done is 12 weeks.
    perhaps 16 should be my new goal, haha.

    1. Stretching (and protective styling) helped a lot with my length retention! If you can manage, you should definitely make that your next goal.


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