Saturday, 2 November 2013

Checking Me Out - HOTD

Heyy Loves!

So my hair has been "out" for about 3 weeks (since my 6 weeks of protective styling). I'm going to long-term protective style again soon, so this weekend I'm bringing you a "Hair of the Day" post.

Background Info.

Prior to styling I did a hot oil treatment with a mix of EVOO and grapeseed oil (on my scalp). I saturated my hair with Aubrey's Honeysuckle rose and then sealed with the aforementioned oil mix. I covered with a plastic cap and twisty-turby and went to the gym for about an hour (becoming my Friday night habit). Upon returning, I "sealed" with Tresseme Moisture Rich conditioner and then rinsed. This was a co-wash day (duhh!)

In the shower after rinsing, I put each section into a ponytail holder, four in total. I did this to stretch my new growth and keep tangles at bay. I t-shirt dried for about 30 minutes. Then I used a bit of the Tresseme conditioner as my leave-in and again sealed with the oil mix. I then twisted the 4 sections into bantu knots. (Pardon the parts lol, I just randomly sectioned my hair in the shower with my fingers).

The results (pictured in the first photo) were achieved by loosening the knots and releasing from the holders, then flat-twisting two very small sections at the top and pinning them down, after .

Once again my hair was a little too damp (you can tell I'm impatient huh?!). Also the left side had more curls than the right since it was a little less damp, but the results were OK

What style did you go for today? Tell me below!



  1. Your results looks nice, I like the lip color too!

  2. Lovely! I did a BKO this weekend but on dry hair...I always had disastrous results whenever I tried it on damp hair, so I applaud you for getting to "almost dry." LOL

    1. Haha thanks Ebony. I definitely prefer the results I get on dry hair, but I'm always looking for styles to do as soon as I finish the wash process.


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