Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Let's Talk Protection - Protective styling

up-do with a half-wig

What is it? 

Protective styles are those which keep your hair or the ends of it from being exposed to the elements (air, wind, sun etc.), clothing and even your hands. They can by classified into two categories:
short term and long term. Short term styles are those which are used for only a short while at a time, while long term protective styles are worn for longer periods. Short term styles include buns, twists, braids (using own hair), cornrows, other updos, and even hats. Some examples of long term protective styles are wigs, weaves, and braids (with extension). 

Why do it? 

It is important to protect your hair from those things which cause it harm. Short term styles tend to keep the ends of the hair hidden, allowing it to retain moisture and thus length. For example, while wearing a bun the ends are tucked away and protected from being dried out by the air. However, just as the air removes moisture from clothes hung to dry, so it sucks the moisture from hair that is exposed. Long term styles such as wigs and weaves protect not only the ends, but the entire length of the strands from the elements. One added benefit of long term protective styling is that they protect the hair from over manipulation. While you may redo a short-term protective style every day or every few days, a long term style allows you to go much longer without manipulating your tresses leading to even more length retention. These styles are particularly helpful when one is stretching relaxers. Gotta love 'em. 

How I do it! 

I utilize both types of protective styles in my regimen. However, at this point I have been using more long-term styles, namely wigs.

Short fab fringe & lace front wigs by Sensationnel

Typically, I add a protein treatment to my wash day, after which I braid my hair. I wear my wig for about a month (I try to anyway), after which I take down the cornrows and repeat the protein treatment along with my normal wash routine. During the month which my hair is braided for my wig, I execute wash days on my normal schedule which is at least once per week. I don't neglect wash days because I'm wearing braids and a wig. 

I employ short-term protective styles when I am in one of my 'enjoy that hair' periods. This is typically 1-5 weeks post relaxer or less. My short-term protective style of choice is a fierce bun.

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