Thursday, 26 September 2013

Get Even... or Not! - Trimming

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret! No, not that! This: I'm not a big trimmer. Yeah you heard me! I'm not like some others on hair journeys who trim every 8 or however many weeks. I usually trim once, that's right, once per year! I don't trim more often for three main reasons.

I'm trying to get my hair to BELOW THE WAIST. To me trimming very often (so it can grow) just doesn't add up. Actually it does! It adds up to a whole lot of length that I did NOT retain. See, I usually get about a 1/2 inch per month, that's about 6 inches each year. Now, if I were to trim a 1/2 inch or so every 8 weeks, that's 3 out of my possible 6 inches GONE. So we're talking about keeping maybe 3 inches a year...uh-uhh!

Next is the lead hair theory. This is one which suggests that strands grow at different rates, and though some may reach longer lengths before others, given time, the others will catch up. Therefore, I only cut/ trim my hair when the majority of it has reached a certain milestone (to even it up). For instance, after my last relaxer in July, the majority of my strands hit MBL so I trimmed it to make it more even, leaving me a little above that point. Doing it this way, allows me to reach fresh lengths instead of being stuck at a particular point.

Now you're thinking "this girl is crazy! what about split ends?" This is where the search and destroy (S&D) method comes in.

As I said before, strands grow at different rates, therefore your "ends" can be found throughout your hair. Additionally, as I said in this article, despite their name, split ends can occur anywhere along the shaft. Trimming an inch from the very ends of your hair won't rid you of splits.

Need I say more? I think not!

Step away from scissors, unless of course you are engaging in some search and destroy.



  1. I'm a self proclaimed scissor happy hairlista. I'm slightly ashamed at how much I've cut throughout my journey. I definitely believe in lead hairs and it is painstakingly difficult to keep length if you are constantly trimming when a hair is out of place. But I have a love affair with thick blunt ends. It just screams hair health to me regardless of the length.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. hahaha. I think what allows me to ignore out of place strands is my long-term protective styling. SInce my hair is tucked away, I am less inclined to trim at it to make it more presentable.


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