Thursday, 23 February 2017

My New Blog. Yayy.

I am finally ready to reveal my surprise!

Of course, because of the title you already know what that is.
I am so excited!
I love blogging, but I felt like I needed a fresh start and the freedom to post wider content.
I mulled it over for a while and decided to do just that by creating a new blog.

This new blog will delve into all aspects of my current life including beauty, fashion, life in Jamaica and will still include the subject of this blog - hair! (By the way, I cut all my hair off! Read all about it here.)

I hope you will join my over there as I bring you fresh, new content and a whole lot of entertainment.
Feel free to leave me notes about the things you wish to see on Glam Gal! I love to hear from you.

Xoxo Abbi-Jo

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Laying Your Dutch Braids

Hey guys!

I'm stopping by to show you a quick visual of how I achieved the two dutch braids from my last post.


Hope it helped.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Wash Day with OXX Haircare System

Hiya Lovelies!

Life is hectic!
I have been preoccupied with work and other engagements as I am sure most of us are, so I needed a wash-day that could fit neatly into my busy weekend.

Today I'm sharing a quick wash day routine that will take us through everything from cleansing to styling in 2.5 seconds. Well...not quite...

We had a four-day exposition here in Kingston this past weekend whereby hundreds of local businesses display their wares. I was tasked with manning our booth (along with other employees) for three of the four days. While there, I had a chance encounter with another booth holder - OXX System. We had a lovely chat and shared some of our experiences. She gifted me with a complementary bag of samples, which contained a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in mist. I also got a brochure of all the products in the system.

On Sunday, I decided to experiment with the products received and set out to tame the beast that is my hair!

I started out, as per usual, by misting, finger detangling and placing my hair in sections. This time I went for 6, as opposed to my usual four as I am 17+ weeks post and I had not detangled for three weeks as I had been protective styling with large cornrows.

I hopped in the shower and applied the shampoo to my dampened hair. I rinsed the hair prior to shampooing as I learnt a while ago that the shampoo is better able to work its magic on dryer hair. The shampoo left my hair feeling moisturized, to the point where I wondered if it was clean enough. But it looked clean, so I kept it moving.

Upon reading the brochure for the OXX system, I noticed that they carry a pre-conditioning booster. Hmmm that's new, I thought. We, in the hair care community are all familiar with pre-shampooing, but pre- conditioning?...

After a closer look I realized that the pre-conditioning booster takes the place of deep-conditioner and may even be thought of as one in the same. Anyhow, having not received a booster in my goodie bag, I checked the ingredients list and found that I could duplicate the formula with items found in my kitchen. So off I went...

The ingredients in my version include molasses, coconut oil, essential oils, MSM, biotin and a multi-vitamin. lol. I'm serious tho!

I applied the mixture to my hair, left it on for three minutes, as per their directions and then rinsed. Don't try this at home friends, things could get messy! I'm kidding, take your chances, but do it in your tub.

After rinsing, I applied the conditioner to my hair, raked it though, and let it sit for a few minutes then rinsed. I T-shirt dried while I applied my make-up and then misted my hair with the leave-in and proceeded to style. A little secret: I used the mist as a make-up setting spray and I loooved it! lol

I installed the now famous, thanks to the Kardashians??? (WTF??), french braids and off I went.

I love simple, straight wash days where I am not prepooing for ages, sitting under a dryer for years and styling for days. Particularly when I get the same or similar enough results.

That's what I kinda like about the OXX system. It feels fresh, new and simple. And, can I tell you, the proprietor has waist-length, afro-textured natural hair, which she straightens weekly (with a flat-iron!). Also associated with the brand is a salon which specializes in, and practices healthy hair-care. So I'll have a feature and a documented visit to share later on.

'til then... muaahhh!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

he regresado - trims, breakage & border-line neglect

Good morning!
Happy Sunday!

I got up this morning & randomly decided to blog.
How long has it been??
I didn't even remember how to create a post just now when I came here.

Lots have changed and I have been way too busy in the last few months and blogging just got tossed to the side... but alas, I felt inspired this morning so here I am today.

What's new:

On the personal: I have a new job (not so new anymore) and I am living in a new city and becoming readjusted to the 9-5 life. So far so good.

In terms of my hair, I am still following my routine, however I haven't been as focused as I should. I have been wearing a lot of the usual braid-outs and buns with the occasional straight/ flat-ironed hair thrown in.

My routine:

My routine these days has seen me deep conditioning on the weekends, usually on a Sunday with sporadic overnight DCs beginning on Saturday. I then wash (either co-wash or shampoo, depending on the week) and style. The last couple of weeks saw me throwing my hair in medium sized twists and then into a bun or up-do of some sort. This keeps me from messing with my hair during the week.


In terms of products, I've kept it basic, using for my deep conditioner Aussie 3 Minute Moist, L'Oreal Reparative Smoothing conditioner, Shea Moisture 10-IN-1 conditioner and/or L'Oreal's moisture Rush Masque & Total repair 5 (not pictured). For shampoo, I've been using Shea Moisture's 10-IN-1 conditioner or Tresseme Touchable Softness . I used the Shea Moisture conditioner above as my leave-n and top it off with some natural oils.


My hair now is still between mid-back and waist length... due probably to trims, breakage and border-line neglect lol. I think I'm in a zone now where I wanna grow again and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Anyway, I think I'm back for good... I hope I'm back for good, so we'll talk and I'll keep you in the know.

lOvE & LiGhT!